Thursday, December 15, 2011

Headache!!! are you bloggers? or should I just say How are you my deary blog? LoL..
Alright, I feel so headache right now, not literally. I just confuse and everything seems so blur regarding my Academic Exercise task... LoL!!

I keep on changing the topic and it is like I am changing them in every time I see something new in the internet..LoL... This is my bad habit since I was being able to do something..since AZALI lagi..LoL..

Previously, I want to have a mini /general research regarding 'favoritism'. However, my supervisor suggested that I should choose other topic which is 'researchable' since the topic that I have is not..LoL Thus, I keep on googling to search other topic that suits the criteria, but I fail..of course..LoL!!!

Now! I kind of committing suicide since my colleague have started to analyze their data in chapter 5 and I am still searching the suitable topic. Yup, this proves that I am not smart like the rest of my friends or the entire history of TESL cohorts perhaps! LooooL~

shame on you Afiq..HAHAHA..yes, at least I manage to laugh at myself before my 'death' soon..huhuhu..

plizzz replace those LoL with 'sob..sob..sob'.. (buat activity skit..bru fun kn..gichuwww..)

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