Sunday, December 18, 2011

mature?? immature?? it's all about our choice~

First and foremost Assalamualaikum to all..hope you are doing great and suffocated in loves and happiness.
*haha..sounds like I'm giving speech already*

Today, I feel like I want to write something..something that is very subjective, something that teenagers are worried of but rarely care by children or adults..haha..what is that? sounds mysterious huh? Well, today I would love to speak what maturity is all about..hehe..

What is maturity? Ok, definitely I don't have to explain in detail the definition of the word or the meaning of the sub-text but since this is my personal blog, I want to highlight my very own point of view regarding this matter not to mention my emotional feeling too. LoL!!

In my own opinion, maturity is our action and reaction handling any situation regardless who we are. U get it? No?? haha..ok-ok, I am not a professor though. In a simple and longer words, I judge or view maturity as one's ability to handle a situation by his/her own thought and wise without any help or inference from other people/parties. So, how different/variety of the action and reaction of an individual handling the situation/matter/problem reflects his/her level of maturity regardless who is he, what age is him? who is the family? and etc.

whoa?? stop it Afiq!! U have made some wise people turn into a suicide mission by reading your definition..hahahaha!!! ok, Go and Check wikipedia again or elsewhere..sorry~  =P

Talking about the maturity, normally people tend to relate it with personality, age, gender, education background or any other social factors. All these factors finally combine and blend together to produce a general-widely accepted theory or principle saying that, adults are mature. Children are immature. Thus, adults should not be childish and children should never think or act like adult. Agree??? No??? sigh.....

I choose NO..why?

Because, I view this in a different concept. For me, maturity is a decision. We decide to be mature or immature. We can be mature to handle the situation and we can be immature by ruining it. I also believe maturity is not one's personality or behavior that we carry all the time, but it is all about our thinking and our particular action in a particular time which have been decided to solve a matter. It means, to be mature, we don't have to change our voice, our laughter, our way of speaking or even our  whole life!! We don't have to imitate certain personality or preferences just to be mature in the eyes of society. We know who we are. Right??? *as long as we follow our religion rules and regulation*

This is the main reason why I am writing this entry because I want to clarify what I feel and what I heard about me. They said that I am not mature. I am 23 yet I am still living in my parents' nest. I am not working and I always playing bicycle around my village. I am still asking money from them and I still spending most of my time with them either. I have limited social life. I rarely hang out with my friends and I just sit quietly in my small untidy room. Pathetic?? psychotic?? Childish?? Retarded?? Poor me?? wanna date me?? *LoL* wanna help me to get a life? hahaha..u just name it darlingsss..I am NOT interested..*I am child*..hahaha.. it's not..I am not a child actually, they said that. I am an adult and I am matured enough I think. However, like I have stated above, people around me love to say or judge me as an immature person since I am not like what they want me to be. I disappoint them so much I guess?! wakaka!!! GTH~ They even badmouthing my parents saying that they are strict, stern and what not. They also said that my parents spoil me..SO?? GTH twice~ ~ and I also heard they believe that I have low self esteem. BS!!! However, the truth is, my parents always advice me to live independently and expand my social life and I doubt if I cannot teach in class?? low self esteem?? FU!! So, why I become like this?

The answer is, this is my decision. I made the decision and I make it every day. I am happy living my boring life. I am happy to be a child who is still running in the house playing hide and seek with my sibling and etc. But, that is not a ticket for others to say that I am not mature. I know what I want, I know what I need and I know everything that is supposed for an adult of my age to know. And I never come across any regret in my life because I always choose and do the right things way better than those who claim that they are adult. I never a child when it comes to a serious matter. I can be a good protector or even a murderer if the situation requires that. Doubt me? Try me..hahaha.. now U get it? haha..tq.. =P

So, in my very humble opinion, be what you want to be. * of course not being bad people* Do not sacrifice your life and your happiness just to satisfy others. They just say about it but we are the ones who feel it. I am very dissapointed with people who sacrifice their life just to make others happy. *of coz not their parents* They are just friends, sweetheart/lover/spouse etc..wake up people!! Are you happy??? Will you just live in an IDEA of the idea of you fake your self..please..

Well..I have many to say but time flies really fast..I have to perform my duty to my Creator..till we meet hard feeling people..this is not for you I guarantee..just to relieve what I feel..and I feel better..salam.. ^^

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