Sunday, December 25, 2011

So, apa anda buat hari ni?? It's weekend people..lemme guess?? shopping..keduri..naik kete pusing2 bandar..etc2..kan??
yup! it's normal..weekend means rest, fun, privacy and, don't spoil your weekend ok! cheers~

Orait, since this blog turned into my not-systematically-infrequent-journals, jadi jom saya cerita tentang hari minggu saya..hehe..before that, just relax and bear for any consequences that you may face! It's fatal! why??? coz it's boring....yep! =P

Since I am in my long holiday..*for the 1K times I mention it*, my weekend is just the same like my, sama je la..I woke up at 6am..after my Subhi, kerbau-bath, and everything that is supposed to do by us in the early morning, I went for a jog.. *wooo...* LoL!

yup! I jogged this morning okay..hehe..pastu, pegi breakfast kat kedai ropi canai paling sedap in town..and not to mention, I will always with my family la..bukan sorang..hehe..then, balik rumah..siram bunga..bagi makan ikan..salin air akuarium..finally, watching tv and get on9...

boring??? I have warned you..I am not a social life is at my little room to be specific..hurm..oh ya..hari ni 2 orang sepupu ku bertunang..mereka sebaya..sebaya dengan saya lagi..but they are getting married soon!! year je weh..saya???

hahaha..yeah, I knew it...even my room is small one but it has a massive great mirror to mirror myself..I knew who I am and how I look alike..haaa..dah2..jangan lebih-lebih..biar saya je kata diri saya..hahaha..tak la..tak baik komen-komen ciptaan Tuhan..saya bersyukur..just love to be humble..

okeh, till we meet again..I got two occasions to be present..orang da ajak..kena la pegi kan..mana tau ada yang propose saya kat sana ke..wahaha..wake up Afiq..hahaha...gurau-gurau hujung minggu..orait, I wish you happy weekend! enjoy it to the fullest and for those who celebrate Christmas, I wish you merry Christmas..

bye!!! ^___^          *spread the love*


  1. above all of the content, the end part 'spread the love caught my attention' :)

  2. hahaha...ur must have tagline.. =)