Friday, November 26, 2010

BIG N SCARY day..muahaha!

Tomorrow is going to be a meaningful day to both of my cousins because they are going to have a must-have event of every Muslim boy, before they are reaching their puberty..guess what? circumcision ! hohoho..this 'sacred' word is also one of the scariest words to most boys because they always associated circumcision with pain, suffering and avoidance in certain acts and food intake..ermm..yup! these are the things which these cute young guys told me last eid adha..and no doubt I can see clearly dissatisfaction of expressions when they talked about it to me..and perhaps to cover up their fear too..hahaha..

But as an older cousin, very old indeed..I try to change their perception towards this event. Previously, I do admit that I love to get them 'freez' with extremely-horror-made-up stories of circumcision which can be rated as 18SG now, I try my best to change back their view or perception by telling how meaningful of this process in their life. The purpose and the benefits of this process rather than the collateral effect ones..Pain? of course..but using the modern technology nowadays like the 'plastic clip' (forget the name) the patient will receive minimal pain. Circumcision is actually 'telling' the boys that they are no longer  small children but they are now in the transition to be young teenagers soon. This also telling them that they will be fully responsible on their actions especially the dealings of sin and reward from Allah SWT.

Circumcision also benefits them in many ways especially in health and cleanliness aspect. By having circumcise, the private organ will not be infected by disease and parasites which can cause serious health problem in future including reproduction process. For muslim, we have to perform 5 times prayers in free-filth and excrement  which requires us to be in clean and pure condition. Circumcision will make the cleaning process easier after 'ritual impurity'.........silence........ They seem preoccupied listening to my least I succeeded to relieve their tense right?..haha..coz they supposedly enjoying the big day, a life-time experience and a meaningful moment tomorrow..not worrying all night about it !

p/s: can't wait to send them to the clinic...but no more horror 'tales from aphyx' to them insyaAllah..muahaha..  =P