Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This morning I felt like there was a huge heavy rock on my head...huhu..thats maybe due to the lack of sleep since I slept at 3 last night..BUT as usual I cant sleep after subuh..I had tried but I cant sleep..hurm..

Tak per since I was so sleepy this morning, I just canceling my past-few-days must-do activity~jogging!! huhu..ala..terasa rugi pulak..dah la badan macam badak berendam nih..kalau sedap mcm kuih tu tak pe lah jugak kan..hurm..

So, I think this evening would be nice to replace the 'regimen' of slimming activity..hehe..but then, I need to sleep back after this..actually this blog also has derive myself from closing my eyes this just joking..anyway, thanks to view this entry..i write, you view~ just to keep this blog alive, thats all..hehe

p/s: take enough sleep or else you will be 'high' all day long..wakaka


  1. owh inilah kes insomnia tu. apakah maksud 'high' itu? wahahahaha!

  2. good... nnt blk nk tgk ko kurus :)