Wednesday, November 24, 2010

snap! shot! pose!

those words are related to a thing, right? what is it? yesss..i know you are brilliant to guess what is is a camera..huhu..suddenly i have been thinking to have a personal camera since i am officially a blogger now..based on my observation, most blogs which are considered interesting by the readers are the ones which have a lot of interesting photos..that is just my theory la..maybe wrong kan..

speaking about camera, I always think about DSLR one..huhu..ambitious huh? i think the high quality photos come from high quality camera too..and of coz some technique in photography..but, is it fair to compare photos from DSLR with vga-phone camera??, u got me rite..

so, anybody wants to give me a DSLR?? oh come on..ok2, common camera? hehe.. no one? good! because there is no-one here..hahaha..btw, I have to find some photos including my face to put in this blog..baru ada KAW..haha..

p/s: a picture tells  thousands of word..


  1. kenapa mesti DSLR??? okey, aku tau DSLR mmg top, high quality. tp apa kata bermula dgn yg kecik2 dulu... mcm kamera digital yg biasa.

  2. ni alasan je..bole je ambik dr internet ski2 aku xreti nak bubuh dalam entri aku..nnati aku explore..

  3. compact cam pun ok, skng the quality is as good as dslr